We deliver group personal training sessions from a weekly timetable. Each session is based around a different training style making the best of our functional fitness facility. Our highly experienced trainers personalise the session to meet your level, assuring you get an effective & safe workout.

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Loaded is our strength session. Our trainers coach you through a variety of weight training exercises making sure they are done with great form, for maximum effectiveness & minimal injury risk. The exercises are tailored to your ability level ensuring everyone gets an awesome workout.


Pulse is our high intensity session designed to the get heart pumping. We ditch the classic cardio kit & have some fun in our functional training facility incorporating sleds runs, slam balls, battle ropes & more to give you a mega high kcal burning workout.


Burn is a core focused workout that hit the abs from all angles. These core exercises are mixed with a selection of HIIT & strength work. Core strength is the foundation of all other movements so make sure you get it into your training.


Weight training workout with superstar Synergy trainer Megan Rolf (open to all abilities). Learn to lift properly for amazing results & enjoy a fun pumping iron workout. The session kicks off working towards some strength PB's & finishes with some higher rep superset pairs

Thai Kickboxing

Relieve some stress & get an awesome workout with our thai kickboxing session. This is a total body high kcal burning workout. You will have high quality coaching with super friendly trainers.


Raw is a body weight workout that develops body control & functional strength. We have an exercise variation for every ability level so whether you want to do your first chin up, or do a rope climb with only your arms, we will make the session work for you. 


WOD kicks off with some compound weight lifting technique work followed by a high intensity WOD (Workout of the Day).

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