RAW Calisthenics group sessions at synergy chester 

If you’re looking for specialised group sessions with professional personal trainers then look no further, at Synergy Chester, we run tailored group session to help our members to work out and learn how to work out specific muscle groups and with a specific aim of targeting certain areas of excercise. Our session are designed to provide an opportunity to workout with friends and others to remove the sometimes aimless and lonely nature of working out alone.

Our specialised RAW session is tailored around calisthenics exercises. Calisthenics are an ideal way to build muscle on a gradual curve for beginners and those who would like to maintain current muscle mass and tone. One benefit of building muscle through calisthenic exercise is the lack of the tearing and trauma that using weighted exercise will. Our calisthenics groups are brilliant for balance and flexibility, as well as providing a good, low impact way to lose weight.

Synergy Chester’s RAW Calisthenics Program:

  • Body Weight only workout

  • Training style known as Calisthenics

  • Unique session mastering body control, balance and strength

  • Variety of exercises variations given within the workout for different ability levels and allowing progression through the stages of difficulty as you get better at them.

  • Some basic hand balancing and handstand work (exercise variations from complete beginner right through to experienced)

  • Saturdays 8.30am with Tom Peto

RAW calisthenics workout


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