PULSE High Heart Rate Workout At Synergy Chester

Our Pulse session is our calorie burning high intensity session for those who want to take a hammer to their weekly cardio workout. We pack an hour full of fantastic and intense exercises designed to help you get fit and lean. We combine different exercises during the group sessions, no two weeks are the same so you don’t get bored of doing the same old routines. Specifically our Pulse section is cardio focused however it’s not your tedious treadmill cardio workouts, we make it fun by mixing in battleropes, sleds, boxes, and much more - you have the entire synergy gym to play with.

Like all of our group sessions our pulse session takes place in our specialised synergy training headquarters located in the heart of Chester. Not only do you get an hour with our trained personal trainers helping you work out but you can also do it with friends and the great synergy community to motivate you.

What is it? HIIT & functional fitness guided group session (burn over 800kcal). Cardio made fun using the battle ropes, kettlebells, prowler sled, plyo boxes and much more. Develop a strong and healthy heart.

When is it? Wednesdays 18.30pm

How do I try it out? Try your 1st session FREE, Book here.