relieve pain . improve recovery . enhance performance

We have our very own private treatment room at Synergy HQ in Hoole which we use for recovery treatments such as sports massage and suction cupping. These can help improve recovery from intense training, reduce injury risk and help work towards resolving current injuries, aches and pains. You do not need to be a member to book these treatments. All bookings, services and payment details can be found below.


Sports Massage & Sport Taping with Lee Davies

Enhance your recovery & improve performance with sports massage at Synergy HQ in Hoole Chester. Relaxing tight muscles, releasing your myofascia and improve blood flow. Lee also provides sports taping for injury management/prevention.


Suction Cupping & Chinese Massage with Emma Mango

Used by many professional athletes such a Michael Phelps, suction cupping & chinese massage are great ways to release tight muscles and improve blood flow, aiding recovery.