Loaded WEIGHT training group sessions at Synergy Chester

For those looking to better their form and to work on lifting exercises our Loaded group sessions are for you. You’ll have the full attention of our trained personal trainers as well as the whole of synergy’s main room to yourself and the group, so that you get the proper attention to make sure you’re getting your form right and maximising your range of motion and working the muscles correctly.

Our loaded session incorporates different strength exercises including barbell and dumbbell based workout routines, during these exercises our personal trainers will help you to maximise your lifting ability. We’ll make sure that you’re fully warmed up correctly and that you’re not going to cause any injury so that you can practice and train without the worries that you’d have if you were doing so alone.

As is the case with all of our group sessions you can work out along side our great trainers and fantastic community so you don’t lack drive or feel the pressure of working out alone. Working out with friends in a group session can prove to be a fantastic motivator.


What is it? Weight training group session

When is it? Monday’s 6am / 10am / 18.30pm

How do I try it out? Try your 1st session FREE, Book here.