BURN Core & Back training sessions at Synergy Chester

Want to build your core strength but unsure where to start? Join one of our group sessions at the synergy HQ. Our group sessions are designed to help you work out without the burden of figuring out what to do without any guidance, it can also be slightly intimidating trying things for the first time on your own, not to mention lonely - doing so in one of our group sessions with our wonderful community aims to rectify this.

Our burn session is designed primarily around core workouts with HIIT excercises mixed in with strength excercises. It’s a balanced workout session t make sure you’ve hit all the core muscle groups correctly. Despite being a group session you will still get the attention of our trained personal trainers to help you get the correct form and to make sure you’re meeting all of your targets.

Synergy Chester’s BURN Core Workout Groups:

  • Core strength focused workout

  • Hit your abs from all angles

  • Strengthen your lower back and core stabilising muscles

  • 50% core exercise mixed in with 50% strength & HIIT exercises

  • All abilities welcome

  • All our group session as taken by fully qualified experienced personal trainers

  • Thursdays 18.30pm with Rachel Lesiak / Fridays 6am with Megan Rolf / Fridays 10am with Tom Peto

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