Top 5 Fitness Mistakes (with fixes)

1) MISTAKE: Eating ‘clean’ foods means you won’t put on fat.

You don’t have to count kcal but kcal’s do count! If you eat significantly more kcal than you expend you will store some as fat regardless of how good quality the food was.


2) MISTAKE: Running, cycling, swimming, rowing & CV machines are the only forms of cardio.

Kettlebells, kickboxing, battle ropes, prowler sled runs and large compound weight training exercises done as supersets are all great alternatives to elevate your heart rate & improve your heart’s strength & overall fitness.  

3) MISTAKE: Rely on motivation to get you through.

Motivation is fickle, routine is reliable. Our moods are constantly changing, so putting a consistent & doable routine in place is the ideal way to ensure you get the results you want. Support is also a key factor. No man/woman is an island, so accountability & surrounding yourself with people that build you up are essential.


4) MISTAKE: I’m injured so I can’t train.

Obviously there are many injuries you shouldn’t train with, but most can be worked around whilst they heal. Focus on what you can do with your time in the gym, not letting what you can’t do control you. If you have a knee injury you can still work your upper body, core & often glutes/hamstrings. If you have a problem with your back, many exercises can be done safely, seated or kneeling.


5) MISTAKE: Ab exercises will help lose fat from my stomach.

Unfortunately you cannot target or manipulate where fat is lost from. You can only vary how much fat your body loses as a whole. You can however target which muscles you want to develop to give a more toned appearance, providing they are already partially visible & not hidden underneath a too thick layer of fat.

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Article Author - Tom Peto