How to avoid a Snackcident

We’ve all been there.  That feeling of putting your hand into the crisp bag for just one more handful…only to find the bag is empty.  It’s like forgetting the last step when you’re coming down the stairs.  How could this be?  I’ve only just opened the bag!  Snackcident. 

As a busy mom *internal cringe at the over used but entirely true descriptor* it feels like I spend my entire day planning my daughters meals: what will she eat, what will I make her if she doesn’t eat what I give her, when should I feed her?  I have exactly 60 seconds from that first moan to put a meal in front of her before total chaos breaks out.  In all that time, I never think of myself.  We all get that way, rushing for work in the morning, keeping up with friends and family, appointments, chores, it’s hard to remember the little stuff.  Even if you plan 3 meals a day, people almost never think to plan for their snacks; and that’s exactly how it happens.

If you find yourself the victim of a snackcident more times than you care to admit, try these simple tips.


1.Plan your snacks- Snacks are just as much a part of our diet as our regular meals.  In fact, little and often is king when it comes to planning your meals.  It’s no surprise that between breakfast at 7am and lunch at 1pm, you’re going to find yourself sitting at your desk or standing on the shop floor with a rumbly in your tumbly.  Be prepared by bringing your own option from home so you won’t be tempted by whatever sweets people have brought in or worse yet, just nipping into town quickly to “grab a little something”.   Raw nuts, plain greek yogurt and granola, or fresh fruit are all great, quick options.

snack 3.jpg

2. Do. Not. Shop. Hungry.  My number one setting for a snackccident…the walk home from the grocery store.  I often stop there on my way home, just before dinner, so I’ve got those pre-dinner/when was lunch hunger pangs and I just lose my mind.  Yesterday I bought two bags of kettle chips (half price, bargain, obviously) and a bag of sweet and salty popcorn.  I ate half a bag of crisps while cooking dinner and the entire bag of pop corn after dinner while I was watching TV.  Try making a shopping list and sticking to it or planning your shopping right after you’ve already eaten. 


snack 4.jpg

3. Portion Control- We’ve come a long way as far as nutritional/health awareness goes and it’s time to take control and do a little research.  Know the portion sizes of your snacks and stick to them!  It’s OK to indulge in a special treat now and then, but make sure “I’ll just have a scoop of ice cream, it’s so nice out!” doesn’t turn into half the carton.  Take a portion out of the container, put it on your plate, and walk away. 

4. Shake it up! –I see it often, “I just got tired of eating *insert dry, plain, boring snack here*”  Well of course you did!  Who wants to eat 4 plain rice cakes every day?  Try different things; eat seasonal fruits and vegetables, shake up your hummus by trying a new flavor, take a stab at making your own salad dressing, the internet can be a wondrous tool for inspiration, use it!

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Happy Snacking!

-Lisa Hurd