The number one thing we get asked in regards to nutrition, what do I eat for snacks?  We wanted to follow up our previous blog of HOW to snack with WHAT to snack on & WHY. 

High Protein: Synergy Health & Performance offers a variety of challenging workouts through out the week, with our LOADED session focusing on strength training and PULSE at the other end of the spectrum focusing on getting that heart rate up.  Between work, life, and our intense sessions, you extra protein is essential for building and repairing muscle!  These snacks will keep your body fuelled and ready to go.

  • Cottage cheese on rye or oat crackers

  • Skyr Yoghurt - A few tablespoons of this Icelandic super food can give a great protein boost to your nutrition. With so many worlds strongest men & CrossFit finalists coming from Iceland perhaps this high protein, low sugar snack if they key to their superhuman strength.

  •  Roasted Chickpeas (Checkout the recipe via our FB page!)


High Fibre: Most of the food we consume these days is low, if not empty of, fibre.  Fibre keeps your digestive system on track and helps your body absorb all the nutrients your food has to offer.  We need 25-30g of fibre from our food a day, so get started with these delicious fibre filled snacks.

  • Fresh fruit- packed with vitamins and fibre and delivered with natures natural sugars.  Eating real, fresh fruit is better than eating pre-made fruit smoothie drinks because they contain all of the fibres from the fruit skins that smoothies often filter out and less sugar per portion.

  • Try adding a cup of bran-flakes to your yogurt for a little crunch.


Healthy Fats: Snacks that are low in fat are universally recognised as healthy; after all if fat is in the food, it’s going to be in you!  But did you know that some fats are actually good for you?  Monounsaturated fats keep your heart healthy and help your body absorb vitamin A,D, and E.  Check out these snacks that are high in good fat.

  • Raw nuts (must be unsalted or you can easily end up turning your snack into eating half your daily recommended kcals)

  • Natural nut butters and fruit (apple & peanut butter is a classic!)

  • Avocado- I enjoy avocado halved with just a little sea salt straight out of the skin.

Low Sugar: Your body just doesn’t need processed or added sugars.  The body takes in carbohydrates and turns it into sugars which it converts into energy.  So you do need some sugars, mainly some carbohydrates, but that little ache for something sweet after dinner is mainly soul food.  Try these sweet, low sugar options next time you feel that sweet tooth calling!

  • Raw Vegetable sticks & Hummus or Guacamole

  • Sometimes the best advice to avoiding sugar…is avoid most things that come in a packages and this includes the ‘Health’ bars you see at the end of checkouts!

Healthy snacking can be an adjustment; we often associate the word “snack” with “treat”. Just remind yourself your snacks are more like mini meals in the day, an opportunity to give your body a nutritional boost!The less processed sugar and foods you eat the more your body and taste buds can acclimatise and enjoy the natural sweetness and flavors of fruits, veggies and raw nuts. It’s an adjustment period, but totally worth it.

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-Lisa Hurd